Become A Pizza Professional

1. It’s okay to thaw pizza before cooking.
2. You should always wash hands and use gloves to make pizza.
3. You should never use frozen vegetables.
4. If you use frozen double cheese, the pizza will appear burnt.
5. All pizzas should be stored in their box.
6. We offer all toppings at no extra charge.
7. Cheese is the most expensive topping.
8. Just Right Spice should be refrigerated before and after use.
9. It’s okay to top pizzas without using portion control cups.
10. Meat toppings always go on pizza first.
11. Just Right Spice is the last thing you apply to pizza before cooking.
12. We mist all pizzas with water prior to cooking.
13. You should never preheat the oven.
14. You should always use the bottom oven if ovens are double stacked.
15. It’s okay to push pizzas into baking chamber to save time.
16. Pizzas should have a minimum distance of one inch between them if cooking multiple pizzas.
17. Pizzas should clear baking chamber before removing from oven.
18. Thin Crust pizza is cut into 16 squares.
19. A properly cut pizza has all equal slices and completely cut crust.
20. All Hunks should be marked with type of pizza and time.
21. Breakfast and Original pizzas should be discarded after one hour.
22. The best-selling Hunks are Loaded, Pepperoni, Pepperoni & Sausage, and Cheese.
23. Pizzas should be kept at a minimum of 140 degrees.
24. You should never rotate Hunks in the warmer.
25. You should never ask a customer if they want double cheese.
26. You should always repeat the order back to the customer on a call-in order.
27. You should always thank the customer for their order.
28. It’s okay to cook both wings on the same pan.
29. It’s okay to serve wings at an internal temperature of 150 degrees.
30. It’s okay to reuse the pan liner.
31. There’s no need to mark the wing box with the type of wings.
32. Wings have no limit to their on-hold time.
33. Employees can increase sales through suggestive selling.
34. HBP does not have a store locator to assist customers in finding the nearest location.
35. HBP does not have a community fundraising program.